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Board Layout and Design:   RB Manufacturing will design from scratch or from you established in house design a state of the art printed circuit board design for manufacturability.Schematic & Bill of Materials – Design steps require the design and documentation of an electronic schematic and a Bill of Materials (BOM).   Once the circuit design has been bread boarded and tested and shown to perform to design specifications and the bill of materials (BOM) has been developed and approved for parts availability and cost, the final design and layout of a completed circuit board will begin.

CAD design:   The design of your printed circuit board will be laid out in a CAD (computer aided design software package )  These final electronic GERBER FILES can then be used to download directly to the manufacturing equipment and process that will be used to manufacture your final bare printed circuit boards.


Pre-Production Approval:   RB will finalize any board design by procuring a rapid prototype of the new board design and assembly this board with all BOM parts and test this final preproduction assembly before any production will begin.  A sample will also be sent to the customer for 1st piece inspection before production begins.

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