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RB’s multiple manufacturing facilities ensures your company of the most cost effective solutions for your sales needs. We cover the gamut from low to medium volume production needs with cost effective shipments to supply products to your USA or European markets as required. Depending on your need we will manufacture in:

  • USA :  Lower volume, new designs, fast product start up, custom product mix. (5,000 to 30,000 pieces) SMT, Through Hole or Mixed Technology.
  • Ireland:  European common market products (5,000 up)
  • China:  Mature or new products (5,000 to 1 million)

The RB Advantage

We excel at 100% made in the USA products.  However to meet global demands for cost effect products on higher volume products,  RB Manufacturing strategy could mix production between the USA and overseas.  RB can initially tool-up and manufacture products in the USA while fulfilling the majority of your requirements from China.  This way you have the insurance to fill unscheduled orders, quick alterations or custom products here in the USA, while maintaining your overall product cost advantage and boosting margins.