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RB will Design and Manufacturing your next next OEM or Consumer electronic product.

Design Includes:

  • All prototype all electronics printed circuits
  • Microprocessor selection and programing
  • Interface face cabling and connections
  • Plastic or Steel enclosure design and sourcing.
  • Final box build and testing
  • Final packing with support literature

Design 112  Remote Site Security.  –   Uplink monitoring device.Monitors your remote sight and calls the nearest cell tower to call  and alert you on your cell phone or via Internet if there is an unauthorized intruder or security breach  Device also takes a picture day or night of the intruder and can include its own solar power for independent power.

Design 123  Pool Tronics Interactive pool table.  This patented design project reads each pool ball that is sunk and displays the game and progress of the game on a custom designed overhead LED sign.  Overhead sign communicates with out any wires to the table and also has visual and vocal communications

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